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Rienne va plus, Money Makes Millionaires 1992/The Best Of 2018

Girls’ Dreams

baby, now you are born my brown eyed son
baby, my bunny boy, my little one
sealed with a kiss I promise you this
to make you a proper man

baby, a mother has to take a stand
maybe, you’re much too young to understand
but it won’t do no wrong to sing you a song
about a girl I used to know

I was told she was a daisy
daddy’s darling, mommies joy
she got the credits for a higher education
but she run away with her lover-boy

sweet dreams, sweet dreams
sealed with a kiss he promised her this
to be a proper man

she had some dreams to cherish
some expectations sweet
but like flowers in a man’s hand perish
girls’ dreams turn to memories

baby, now you are born to grow a man
baby, one day I hope you’ll understand
and when a girl comes along remember this song
and don’t take her dreams away